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Most early stage companies waste 100’s of hours trying to raise capital and court corporate partners, with Business Plans that Do Not speak to investors.

As a  Custom Business Plan Writer I help start-up and early stage companies by writing  Business Plans and Executive Summaries, SBA Loans and Reg. D 501 Offerings.

The way you write your Business Plan depends on what you want to accomplish. Do you intend to go to a bank for a loan, investors for seed money or apply for grant funding?

Your Small Business Plan is the road map that you intend to follow; to drive your company to profitability and success. We write business plans that will change with the detours along the way. Our Business Plan Writers stay with you to prevent you from  having to stop because you are lost, in the changing tides.

Much of what we have to offer comes from years of dealing with investors, banks, government grant programs, fund managers and venture capitalists. We can help you to express your visions and still demonstrate that you understand the concerns of potential financiers and partners.

All plans are custom designed, specifically for each client. Most investment Pros can tell a computer generated generic plan at one glance. It’s OK, if you buy the program for $150 and do the job yourself; but if you are paying a professional you should get custom work.

The Price

As Professional Business Plan Writers, we offer custom small business plans written specifically for your company and its current needs. Our goal, as a business plan writing service is to layout a clear concise picture of who your company is and where you intend to take it. We include a Marketing Plan and insight on how to plan a business.

Business Plan Writing Services

A Short Plan for $500 is good for most SBA Loans.

Short Business Plan 10 - 12 - pages that explicitly defines your business and why someone else should get involved. Earning Projections are included. This Short Business Plan is designed for SBA Loans or as an introduction to investors.  $500.00

Business Plan - A full course of action, from conception to profitability. Market analysis, competitive advantage, capital requirements, marketing and manufacturing programs are all included. $1250.00 and up

Private Placement Memorandum

SBA Loans

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The variety of customers we have assisted with business plan writing for restaurants, high tech businesses, retail and service businesses can be seen on our client page.Recent Clients

Writing an Executive Summary

Writing Your Executive Summary – If you are starting a company and will be looking to attract banks and investors to your cause; you might want to put a little thought into an Executive Summary. Basically, an Executive Summary is just that; a synopsis of your Business Plan and goals. A one page summary should be akin to an ‘elevator speech’. This means you could tell a Venture Capitalist (VC) your whole store on the ride from the 1st to 10th floor in an elevator. The concept is that your plan is so clear; it doesn’t take very long to sell its virtue. This is usually very difficult for the new entrepreneur, who would rather ramble at length about every minute detail of their ingenious venture. Unfortunately, no one has the time or interest for all this wisdom; so make it short and sweet.

First, clearly state what you are doing. (Revolutionizing the current awareness of business development into a new paradigm; really doesn’t work and just pisses people off). Try, Wireless email Advertising or Eco-friendly Flooring and you’ll connect with the right people.

Second, declare a reasonable target market. We know there are over 250 million in the USA, so be a little more realistic. For example, if I sold 10 a week to start and 50 a week by the end of year one that would only be 1% of the market in this country.

Third, briefly explain why you have a competitive edge in this market. “I’ve been in this industry for 25 years,” SUCKs as a reason; make it tangible.

Final, explain how much capital you need and where that will take you. With $100,000 in Equity Capital, we are confident that we will be able to manufacture, distribute and begin an aggressive marketing campaign for our lead product, into Pizza restaurants across the state. Our management is confident that this extra capital will allow our company to grow to $500,000 in annual revenues in two years.

If you can’t get your ideas down on one page or you are afraid someone will steal your idea; then you are just not ready to start the business.

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