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Setting An Equity Value For Your Start-Up 

One of the biggest challenges for the management of early stage companies is setting a realistic Equity Value for their company. 

There is popular TV show airing on ABC called ‘Shark Tank’ that exemplifies this corundum for entrepreneurs. On the show a panel of self made tycoons grille founders of early stage companies as to why they should invest in these new ventures. Almost every entrepreneur gets stuck on valuation.  more…….

Raising Capital and Staffing Your Company

 Very often an entrepreneur will conceptualize a product, chart out a marketing plan and proceed to ‘boot strap’ their business, pretty much a cappella. At first this seems to work well. There are no arguments, low costs, your ideas seen very clear and doable.  

The first problem arises when you take this neat little package to an investor…. more


My ‘Guarantee’ is a simple one.  If you supply me with the requested information and follow my advice; I would have no problem personally submitting your business plan to an investor or banker. In this, I stand behind my work.

 All other guarantees whether stated or implied are usually fictional.  Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America give NO Guarantees to prospective clients.  Why then is an internet site based out of Seattle or Albany making such inferences? With over 15 years of entrepreneurial and financial services background, I attempt to shape your business plan in a light that will shine on a path of success and prosperity.  This often means that your goals of making $100,000,000 in year two are a little ambitious and might not be looked upon by potential investors as realistic.  Please let me help standardize your business model.

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