Business Plans, Loans and Raising Capital

Business Plans, Loans and Raising Capital

One of the key features of using a professional business plan writer is that we can help direct you to the size and type of plan that is appropriate for your business venture.

  • Small Business Loans from $25,000 to $200,000

These types of loans go to local banks, which do want to see a business plan, but don’t want to read a 38 page story for each application. We have designed an 8-10 page short business plan, with financial projections that has been very well received by a number of banks. Their key concern is the management team and cash flow projections.

  • Equity Capital Raises of $500,000 to $1,500,000

Equity investors want more then just the return of their principal and interest. They want to make a substantial profit; very often looking for returns of 10 to 50 times their investment. These people want to see a full business plan outlining, in detail every part of the business: management, marketing, competition, cost of goods and projected profits, to name a few areas.

  • Equity Capital Raises over $1,500,000 to the Public

Once you start raising over a million dollars from the general public and you are selling stock in your private corporation, it is time to consider doing a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). These are Reg. D exemptions to Security Exchange Commission (SEC) rules about selling stock and registering the company. The PPM protects both the investor and the corporation by clearly listing only Accredited Investors should participate in the offering and that it is a high risk venture. Failing to follow proper PPM documentation can be catastrophic to an organization, if there are complaints about the offering at a future time.

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