Questions to Answer When You are Raising Capital

Suggestions From A Professional Business Plan Writing Service

Peter McMahon Business Plan Writer 

There are several Key Features that all banks and investors look for in a small business plan. It may seen fairly obvious, but a business plan lacking any of these elements will probably do more harm that good, as far as you company image is concerned.

 1) Management – Who are we giving this money to? Have they run this type of a business successfully before?
 2) Product ­- What product or service are you offering? That means today, not three yeas from now.
 3) The Market – How is the industry that you are working in, doing as a whole? What is your competition? What is your marketing plan?
 4) Competitive Advantage – What is it that you offer that will make you more successful that your competition? A new concept, intellectual property, superior location, etc..?
 5) Return on Investment
– How will the bank or investors get their money back and with what predicted profit? Is this a straight debenture or an equity investment?  What is the exit strategy?
6) Cash Flow – How much capital do you need to start and KEEP this business running. What is the Break Even Point?How long before the business is generation enough revenue not only to keep operating; but to grow and generate a Return On Investments (ROI) for the shareholders or note holders?
As Professional Business Plan Writer I can assure you that the size of your Business Plan and the quality of colored charts and graphics, pale to the importance of honestly and thoroughly addressing these issues.  more..